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Peter Pan Returns to Shelves; Lawsuits Pile Up

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ConAgra’s flagship brand of peanut butter, ‘Peter Pan’, will return to store shelves this month in an epic move by the agribusiness concern to restore consumer confidence in its brands. The move comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to put to rest any remaining concerns that consumers may have about Peter Pan peanut butter since the peanut butter recall.

ConAgra’s decision to return Peter Pan to the marketplace this month comes amidst a torrent of lawsuits against ConAgra Foods. In one instance, there were reports of a woman sickened not once but twice due to consumption of ConAgra peanut butter. A few deaths appear to have been reported as well due to complications of salmonella bacteria poisoning from having consumed tainted peanut butter.

ConAgra has claimed all along that the source of the problem for the company was a leaky roof in their Sylvester peanut butter plant, which caused the salmonella to spread.