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Chrissie Cole

Central Florida Moves To Ban Texting And Driving

Proposed legislation to ban texting or using a cell phone in Central Florida while driving is being met with mixed feelings.
The national debate surrounding whether laws, technology or other…

Chrissie Cole

Central Florida Teen Injured In Freak Accident

A Central Florida teen has been in a drug induced coma for several days following a freak accident over the weekend.
Bree McMahon, 17, a senior at Freedom High School, was at a car wash…

Margaret Embry

Car Crash into Orange County Convenience Store Caused by Brake Failure

On April 29, 2009, Diane Marie Hunter, 44, of Orlando, crashed her vehicle into a convenience store on Powers Drive after her brakes failed when she attempted to stop at a traffic light, according…

Chrissie Cole

Two Killed In Orange County Car Accident

Some of the people involved in an early morning car crash that killed two people in south Orange County have been identified by authorities.
Christopher Vega, 25, of Orlando, was one of the…

Jenny Albano

Two Florida Deputies Killed by Another Deputies Car

Two Palm Beach County deputies were chasing a stolen vehicle in the Everglades when another deputy’s car struck them. Both of the deputies hit by the patrol car were killed, the other deputy was injured. One of the car thieves was eventually arrested.The deputies, described as very close friends, had put spikes on a road that punctured the stolen car’s tires. But when they ran to remove the…

Courtney Mills

PIP Gets New lease on Life

Last week Friday Governor Charlie Christ’s representatives met in closed session with lobbyists from hospitals, trial lawyers, and auto insurance companies, in an effort to save PIP. A counselor to the governor told the men that a compromise had been reached between the House and Senate to save No-Fault.According to original reporting in the Palm Beach Post, Christopher Kise, counselor and…

Courtney Mills

Gibsonton Woman Dies in Car Crash

A Gibsonton woman died late Thursday afternoon in a car crash with a Ford Expedition and veering into a lake.Sheila Creel’s red Mazda was struck at the intersection of Gornto Lake Road and Providence Lakes Boulevard by a large Ford Expedition, which sent her car flying into the pond that abuts the intersection.According to media reports, two drivers in the car behind the Expedition got out at…

Jenny Albano

Amtrak Train Derails After Colliding With Truck

An Amtrak train collided with a pickup truck and derailed. None of the passengers on the train were injured and the condition of the driver was not immediately known.The crash took place in Plant City at around 3:15 P.M. and all the passengers were evacuated near a bowling alley. The train was coming from Miami and was on its way to New York. The spokeswomen from Amtrak reported that the…

Mark Myers

Bus Accident Can't Stop Central Florida Field Trip

No Dodgertown Elementary students were injured in a recent bus accident caused by a man with more than ten previous traffic citations. The man was speeding when he caused the multi-vehicle crash. He was cited for careless driving in the wreck.That was the latest in a series of traffic violations — including two DUI charges — on his Florida driving record, according to state records. Besides…

Chrissie Cole

Four People Killed in Three Accidents

It was deadly scene on Central Florida roads, when at least four people were killed in three seperate car accidents.Two people lost their lives when a car ran off the road in the 2,800 block of South Magnolia Avenue just before 8pm on Saturday. Police say the car struck a tree and came to rest next to a mobile home and then burst in flames.Not even an hour later, state Troopers were called to…